- Ada, Oklahoma


October 19, 2013

Wet summer, mowing, and NALM

Ada —

The normal mowing paradigm for this part of Kansas is to first mow in March after that first bloom of henbit gets good and thick.  Depending upon the temperature and rain, one then usually begins a weekly cycle.  (Though it should be noted there is a significant minority who mow on an eight-day cycle so as to steal one mowing out of two months.)  

When June arrives, the temperatures go up and the rain goes down.  Typically, if you mow on the 4th of July you will mow either every two weeks or once a month after that.  The choice of two weeks versus four weeks depends upon your tolerance for dust.  Many times we use the fact that it has rained as an excuse for not mowing. During a normal summer, we in Kansas might mow right after a light rain because the dust has been settled.

During a normal summer, that is.

This summer — somewhere about the middle of July — we took a detour from the normal, comfortable routine.  The not mowing because it had rained excuse again went out the window.  This is not because we wanted to mow when the dust settled, but because we want to be able to mow at all.  Given the combination of warm temperatures, rain, and sunshine, the grass grew like something out of a low-budget science fiction movie. 

I, who have proudly used the “can’t mow because the grass is too wet” excuse because of a heavy dew, found myself mowing through puddles. Literally through puddles.

The reason I mowed through the puddles rather than just wait is that I didn’t want to get a letter from the fine, hard-working folks at the Office of Public Works.  Not that I don’t like to hear from them.  Their letters concerning my limb-piles are often a highlight of my week.  They help my dear wife in her program to get me to work a little more cardio into my routine.

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