- Ada, Oklahoma

January 2, 2013

For unto us a child is born

Bobby Winters Guest Columnist
The Ada News

Ada —  

A lot of folks don’t believe in the hereafter, but it’s one of the most certain things there is. There is going to be something here after you are gone.  Two are working in a field: One is taken; one is left. The world just keeps on turning, marrying and giving in marriage.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe there’s been a place prepared for us. The Bible says so, but we don’t have many details. Rather than speculate about that, let’s talk about what we know. 

We live in the world and are connected to it. We come in as babies, and some manage to survive long enough to die of old age. Every minute of every day, we are depending on other people and other people depend on us.  

Nobody does it all on their own.

Thoreau wrote a bit about being self-reliant. He said all the the contact he’d had with the outside world was to borrow an axe and that he’d returned it sharper than when he borrowed it. Okay. Good for him. Let’s forget about the thousands of years it took to develop iron-working and all of the folks involved in the making of that axe before it came into his hands. Let’s forget about all the folks he interacted with to get him to that one point in time and space.

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