PRINCETON, W. Va. — A West Virginia woman who allegedly hatched a plan with her boyfriend that involved him impregnating an underage family member was arrested Monday afternoon on a charge related to child sexual abuse.

Stephanie Bailey, 37, of Rock, West Virginia, is facing one count of sexual abuse by a parent or guardian after allegedly planning to allow the man to have sex with the teen and impregnate her so that she (Bailey) and her boyfriend could have the baby, according to a criminal complaint filed by Sgt. M.D. Clemons, with the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit.

The case came under investigation when Clemons was contacted by officials at an area correctional facility where Bailey’s boyfriend, Michael Watkins, was an inmate, the complaint states.

“This officer was advised that Mr. Watkins’ telephone calls had been monitored and that during the month of July he had placed several phone calls to Stephanie Bailey,” Clemons said in her complaint. “Investigators were concerned because during the phone calls Michael Watkins and his significant other, Stephanie Bailey, were planning to allow Mr. Watkins to impregnate (the juvenile).”

The complaint states that Bailey and Watkins talked openly of Watkins having sexual intercourse with the teen when he was released from prison. It also states that Bailey would have Watkins talk with the juvenile on the telephone, during which time he would speak in graphic detail of what the sexual act would involve.

“Ms. Bailey would laugh during these conversations,” the complaint states.

The couple’s plan was to impregnate the juvenile, who would then give the baby to Bailey and Watkins “because Ms. Bailey was not physically able to have any more children,” according to the complaint.

“During the course of the above-mentioned telephone calls, Ms. Bailey became increasingly upset and ‘jealous,’ making comments about being afraid that Mr. Watkins would like (the juvenile) better than her and enjoy the sexual intercourse,” Clemons’ complaint states. “Mr. Watkins would reassure Ms. Bailey that he would only be having intercourse with (the juvenile) in order for them to have a child of their own.”

Bailey was arraigned on the felony charge Monday afternoon before Mercer County, West Virginia, Magistrate Mike Poe. She was given a $25,000 cash or surety bond and was released after posting bail.

Perry writes for the Bluefield, West Virginia Daily Telegraph