ATLANTA (WSB/CNN) – A judge agreed with prosecutors Tuesday that Robert Bivines poses a substantial risk and danger to the community.

Bivines is a former Uber Eats delivery driver accused of killing a customer.

“He’s a danger to the community…if he's willing to shoot someone, an unarmed person, over a simple dispute about how their food was delivered,” Pat Dutcher, assistant district attorney for Fulton County, told the judge.

Robert Bivines seemed to feel the weight of the world on his shoulders as prosecutors asked a judge to keep him behind bars.

Bivines is accused of murdering customer Ryan Thornton in Atlanta on Feb. 17.

The incident was captured on surveillance video.

Detective Andre Lowe with the Atlanta Police Department testified that Thornton ordered food from the restaurant Tin Lizzie’s that night, and that Bivines delivered the food to Thornton’s condo.

Lowe said the surveillance video shows Thornton grab the food and then exchange words with Bivines. Thornton then walks toward Bivines’ car with his hands around his pockets.

"And as he's walking towards the car you see four flashes from inside of the car and Mr. Thornton go to the ground," Lowe said.

Defense attorney Jackie Patterson said Thornton threatened Bivines and his client defended himself.

Paterson also pointed out that Thornton came towards his client more than once.

"So, it's on at least two occasions after Mr. Thornton retrieved his food that Mr. Thornton starts walking back to my client’s vehicle?" Patterson asked Lowe.

"That's correct," Lowe answered.

But prosecutors said Thornton didn't have a gun, and he was not near Bivines’ car.

"I don't trust this individual being out in society,” Dutcher said. “I think he's a risk to commit additional offenses."

Bivines’ attorney said Thornton was angry because it took too long for his food to arrive.

The judge is moving the case forward on charges of murder, assault and possession of a firearm.

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