KANSAS CITY, MO (WDAF/CNN) - Seventy-five years after their first game, the women who inspired the movie "A League of Their Own" are bringing their story to baseball fans in Kansas City.

Two dozen women who played for the "All-American Girls Professional Baseball League" greeted fans at the Westin Crown Center.

The same hands that once swung bats and balls are now signing them.

"A League of Their Own" brought the league's history to the big screen in 1992.

These women were some of the 600-plus who filled in the national pastime gap when men in the major leagues went to war.

They traveled around Lake Michigan and the Midwest.

They still hold a captive audience, but it's not just about remembering the past.

"Women can play baseball. They did in the past and they can do it now, they can do it in the future. So, the goal is to get hopefully another league going of women baseball," said Rick Chapman, baseball club president.

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