LACKAWANNA COUNTY, PA (WNEP/CNN) – As another dangerous nor’easter creeps up the East Coast, drivers are being urged to stay off the streets.

After a long day last Friday, plow truck driver Tim Beavers said he had something to say, and expressed it the best way he knew.

Beavers used a paint pen to write advice to other drivers on his plow: “If you can’t drive, stay the h--- home!”

He also penned the suggestion, “Move over,” for clueless drivers.

"I was just fed up sitting on the highway the other day and I needed to put my message out," Beavers said.

It took Beavers four hours to get from Monroe County to Lackawanna on I-380 during Friday’s snow storm.

He was hoping the latest nor’easter would be different, and apparently others who saw his message felt the same way.

"Everybody loves it. I get stopped all the time,” Beavers said. “A couple PennDOT workers stopped me to give me a thumbs up and everything."

Inside PennDOT’s command center in Dunmore, it looks like many got the message.

Employees said their highway cameras showed a lot less traffic than last week.

"I was here until 3 o’clock in the morning, but we were manning this through the night last night, and really until just a few hours ago everything was very, very quiet,” PennDOT spokesman James May said.

Travel restrictions, mainly on tractor trailers on certain interstates, will remain in place until the storm is over.

“We're still seeing a lot of cars staying off the road, so that's a good thing, and the snow right now is really starting to pick up across the area," May said.

May said PennDOT is helping plow drivers like Beavers keep the roads clear so far.

"The message has been getting out there. We have the message boards up, communicating as much as we can, and we are seeing that a lot of trucks are heeding that advice and are staying off the roads," May said.

This is the second nor’easter to strike this week.

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