No water? No problem: Metro Atlanta Waffle House breaks out 'no water' menu

(RNN) - Waffle House restaurants are known for their convenient 24-hour, always open, never closed service.

One Waffle House in Metro Atlanta is staying true to its reputation by remaining open despite having no clean running water.

The lack of water is due to a major water main break that has caused several area schools, businesses and roadways to close.

The very limited menu includes Angus hamburgers, sausage sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, and grilled chicken sandwiches. The only sides that can be ordered at this time are, ham and sausage.

Last year, an Atlanta Waffle House made news for a failing health inspection score, but some Twitter users said they’d still support the chain.

According to one Twitter user, if no water is required, placing a Waffle House in outer space may be possible.

Water, or no water, this DeKalb County Waffle House says it’s open for business.

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