Colbert HCE

ADA — Colbert HCE met Dec. 14 at the home of Elaine Sundquist for its regular monthly meeting. Following a prayer by Joyce Jared, members enjoyed a potluck Christmas dinner.

Sundquist opened the meeting and Jared read a story appropriate to the season about a man who found his faith. Sylvia McDermott led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and Rozale Welch led the reading of the OHCE Creed. Ruth Janik called the roll and members replied by stating the ways in which they were preparing for the holidays. Bernice Patrick gave the treasurer’s report.

McDermott reported that she had attended the Act II Christmas Pageant. Patrick reported that she had volunteered to work at the Pecan Food Show Dec. 12 at the Agri-Plex. Patrick presented a gift of a pair of gloves to Sundquist, president, on behalf of Colbert HCE.

Plans were discussed for the Christmas holidays. Janik read an article about Louis Prang, the founder of manufactured Christmas cards on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. McDermott passed out greeting cards to members.

Those present were Bernice Patrick, Rozale Welch, Elaine Sundquist, Sylvia McDermott, Ruth Janik and Joyce Jared.

The next meeting is Jan. 18 at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Joyce Jared.


ADA — The CWF/Wimodausis group of First Christian Church met in the fellowship hall Dec. 5. Lynda Simpson, president, welcomed members and opened the meeting with the CWF prayer. Martha Griffin provided refreshments.

In the business meeting, the minutes of the Nov. 7 meeting were read by Mary Scalf, secretary, and were approved as read. Jane Boomhower, treasurer, reported income and balance for the club.

Lorene Hughes, service chairman, brought greeting cards to be signed and sent to shut-ins. She also reported that 100 Christmas stockings for the club’s service project were ready to be filled.

Hughes was also program leader for the meeting. She provided some facts about Africa since Kenya is the club’s mission study this year and showed part of a video titled “The Flame Trees of Thika,” about East Africa in 1913.

The meeting closed with the CWF benediction.

Those present were Georgia Ball, Jane Boomhower, Betty Duty, Ruby Firsching, Martha Griffin, Lorene Hughes, Effie Jack, Derrelyn Metz, Mary Scalf, Lynda Simpson, Gwen Sullivan, Faye Sutton, Mary Jo Taylor and Connie Watson.

Following adjournment of the meeting, several CWF members and Kathleen Duty, outreach committee chairman, filled 100 Christmas stockings with toys, books, candy and fruit. Duty later delivered the stockings to children at the Department of Human Services.

Happy Elders

ADA — The Happy Elders of Asbury United Methodist Church met Dec. 13 at the Family Life Center for a covered dish luncheon. The Rev. Jack Kemper led the prayer. Lattie Jones celebrated a birthday during the month.

Those attending were Glenna Hunt, Marjorie Sneed, Orval Ballard, Lorene Ballard, Joe Jared, Joyce Jared, Ethel Jones, Lattie Jones, Paul Landrith, Charlotte Landrith, Ruth Timmons, J.E. Quinton, Barbara Quinton, Nancy Phillips and Mary Murray.

Preceptor Delta Phi

ADA — Carol Winton hosted the Nov. 8 meeting of Preceptor Delta Phi in her home with the following members present: Carol Winton, Juanita Sutton, Nina Davis, Marlene Green, Lucille Collins, Bobbye Darbinson, Juanita True, Sally Spence, Annette Rhoads and Jean Erickson.

The minutes were read and approved.

Juanita Sutton, president, read a letter from International giving a date for the annual convention of Beta Sigma Phi in 2006.

Annette Rhoads reported that she had visited in New York. While she was there, she saw “Fiddler on the Roof.”

The chapter voted to spend $100 on the Angel Tree again. Carol Winton will buy the gifts and take them to Ada Junior High School for distribution.

Winton reported that the next social would be at her home Nov. 11 at 6 p.m. Members are to bring a covered dish.

Winton read from the Gray Book, pertaining to Chapter Degrees.

The meeting adjourned.


Preceptor Delta Phi social was Nov. 11, 2005, at 6 p.m. in the home of Carol Winton.

Those present were Lucille and Paul Collins, Carol and Wylie Winton, Bobbye and Larry Darbinson, Sally and George Spence, Marlene and Dean Green, Annette Rhoads and Jean Erickson. Jean Erickson’s son Gary and his wife Barbara, Napa Valley, Calif., were guests.

Nov. 29, 2005, Preceptor Delta Phi held a tea at 11:30 a.m. in the Drama Queen tea room. Those attending were Annette Rhoads, Bobbye Darbinson, Marlene Green, Juanita Sutton, Jean Erickson, Nina Davis, Carol Winton, Juanita True and Sally Spence.

An executive meeting followed with the following officers in attendance: Juanita Sutton, Nina Davis, Marlene Green, Bobbye Darbinson and Carol Winton.

Preceptor Delta Phi

ADA — Sally Spence hosted the Dec. 6 meeting of Preceptor Delta Phi in her home. The following members were in attendance: Sally Spence, Jean Erickson, Juanita True, Annette Rhoads, Carol Winton, Juanita Sutton, Nina Davis, Lucille Collins, Bobbye Darbison and Marlene Green.

The minutes were read and approved. Carol Winton gave the treasurer’s report. The Preferential Tea will be held Dec. 18 in Belinda Runnell’s home from 2-3 p.m. Juanita Sutton passed out directions to the home.

Lucille Collins read from the Gray Book on the president’s duties and Secret Sisters Christmas gifts were exchanged.

Vanoss HCE

VANOSS — Vanoss HCE members met at the Vanoss HCE clubhouse Dec. 7 to clean and decorate the building for its annual community Christmas dinner. The weather was very cold so there were no local workshops attempted.

Dec. 10 club members entertained 53 people by providing the Christmas dinner and having Santa Claus visit the children and others. Photos were taken of various guests visiting with Santa.

Those attending were Alpha and Floyd Hunt, Patti Conlee, Eva Bolin, Mary and Reagan Hightower, Jean Beth Martin, George and Jessie Welch, Carolynn Pittman, Jason and Zamora Stringer, Zyndia and Tyler Stringer, Martha and Virgil Miller, Sherron and Sara Davis, Archie Haynes, Jo Guinn, Bryant and Janna Kelley, Joe Ashford, Barbara Myrick, George Leinhardt, Matt Frederickson, Robin Piece, Clint Welch, Betty Orr, Cindy Bowling, Kasey Bowling, Jacob Bowling, Charles and Becky Barnett, Levi and Darlene Orphan, Gary and Heather Harris, Jerry and Arhonda Luman, Steven Luman, Mark Luman, Kalie Luman, Mallery Luman, Stephanie Everett, Jeff and Marie Orphan, Sunny Orphan, Breezi Orphan, Rosie Orphan, Joey Orphan, Tiffany Orphan and Autumn Orphan.

The club also met Dec. 14 for its monthly business meeting and gift exchange. The building was decorated with a Christmas tree, several festive wall hangings, some the results of a recent workshop, and the tables were decorated with red cloths and poinsettias.

Mary Hightower called the meeting to order and led the group in pledging allegiance to the flag. The story of the birth of baby Jesus was read from the book of Luke, a traditional Christmas story. Martha Miller called the membership roll with members telling how they prepare for Christmas.

Miller also read the minutes of the Nov. 9 meeting. A financial report was given by Jewell Nessel, club treasurer. Hightower read a request for the group to ask the county to put new gravel on the road between the highway and the Midland Cemetery since the cemetery upkeep is one of the club’s projects. Hightower will make the request to the county commissioner.

Pontotoc County Adult Day Care Center is in need of donations, including financial and staple supplies. A list of supplies was posted in the clubhouse.

The election of Rookie of the Year was postponed until the January business meeting. Jessie Welch spoke of a new project at the last meeting, which is making “hugs” to send to the active military service personnel. She demonstrated the construction of one and the group accepted it as a project to begin in early January, 2006.

A monetary donation was approved for a family in the Vanoss area to purchase toys for their children at Christmas. Congratulations were extended to Ann Waters Stevenson for becoming a childcare advocate for Pontotoc County.

The meeting was adjourned and a gift exchange followed as well as refreshments provided by everyone.

A local workshop was directed by Patty Rost. She brought supplies for everyone to make a Christmas tree ornament using a light bulb. They were painted and decorated as a longhorn steer with flirtatious eyes.

Members present were Patsy Coffey, Jessie Welch, Jewell Nessel, Mary Hightower, Martha Miller, Jean Beth Martin, Patty Rost, Estaline Waters, Ann Stevenson and Carolynn Pittman.

Tanti Fine Arts Club

ADA — Tanti Fine Arts Study Club met in the home of Martha Sweatt, president, Dec. 13 at 1 p.m. The group was served a sit-down meal by Sweatt, with Jane Adair and Myrna Glance acting as co-hostesses. Nineteen members were present and included Shirley Talley, Sammy Edwards, Z.D. Parker, Treva Gurley, Bryna Lane, Evelyn Tribbey, Sue Asklund, Wanda Mauch, Dorthy Weiss, Delores Moore, Jane Adair, Norman Underhill, Anita Miller, Carol Davis, Pat Bonar, Evelyn Keefer, Martha Sweatt, Sandra Haney and Myrna Glance.

Jane Adair read a story titled “Sneeze” after the group ate lunch. Myrna Glance was then introduced as the program leader for the meeting. She read the traditional Christmas story to the group and then read an unusual Spanish version of the same story. The photos in the book showed a Santa in a wagon being pulled by burros instead of reindeer. The third book was written in Cajun and sounded like it took place in Louisiana. Alligators were pulling Santa around in this story. Adair had several other books about Christmas.

The January meeting will be held at the home of Evelyn Keefer at 7 p.m. Jan. 10.

Gladiolus Garden Club

ADA — The Gladiolus Garden Club met Dec. 14 in the home of Marjo Hudson. Those in attendance were Joyce Craig, Jane Curry, Nina Davis, Marjo Hudson, Evelyn Keefer, Dolly Nelson and Juanita Sutton. Joyce Craig gave the treasurer’s report.

Gifts were brought by all those attending for a family that had lost their home from fire.

Jane Curry presented the program about the poinsettia.

Joel Poinsett, the nation’s first ambassador to Mexico and widely respected botanist, was impressed with the native plant he saw at Taxco, Mexico. He collected samples in 1825 and sent them to friends in the United States to grow and breed.  Soon the plant was known as the poinsettia, named after the ambassador.

The ponsettia is most widely known as the Christmas flower in the United States and that use has spread to many countries in Europe and to other areas around the globe. Hundreds of varieties are available. Among the many colors there are now are red, white, blue, yellow, orange, purple and variegated.

Craig won the door prize which was a beautiful poinsettia.

Refreshments were served to those attending.

The next meeting will be hosted by Marjo Hudson Jan. 11, 2006.