ADA — Ada Recycling Coalition met Jan. 11, 2006, at noon at the city of Ada West Annex for its monthly meeting. Garmon Smith, chair, called the meeting to order.

Ellen Bussert is currently finishing the 2006 Forrest and Paper Association Recycling Rewards application.

Stan Fullingham, recycling coordinator, hopes to be operational in the new recycling building on 12th Street this month. He distributed a recycling report and said the recycling department recycles approximately 10 percent of the solid waste collected by the city of Ada. Here are some recycling facts listed in the report were:

1. In the last two years recycling production, while on a general upward trend, has been flat, averaging 398.05 tons of recycled material per quarter.

2. In the same time period, the recycling program has averaged returning an estimated $36,925.49 per quarter.

3. The recycling program has saved an estimated 1,313 cubic yards of landfill space per quarter over the past eight quarters.

4. This material represents an average of 5.52 percent of total waste entering the landfill and 9.84 percent of waste collected by the city of Ada.

It was announced that League of Women Voters will meet today at the Capitol Building. One of the sessions relates to natural resources. Members were encouraged to attend.

Miranda Ellis, a contestant in the Miss Ada pageant, will use recycling as her platform.

Crystal Joplin, Ada High School, was awarded a $1,000 Weyerhaeuser grant to begin a recycling program.

Those present were Garmon Smith, Trudy Nevland, Frank Beck, Jim Miller, Stan Fullingham, Ellen Bussert, Marie Wilson, Glenda DeShazo, Keith Wilkerson and Dr. Doug Weirick.